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Upgrade Your Bucket List

Use miles, points, and other unconventional strategies to see the world—no matter your budget

The trip of a lifetime doesn't have to happen just once in a lifetime.

Traveling well can be a lifestyle of regular trips and adventures... and we'll show you exactly how to do it.


Get ready to visit the most wonderful place in the world.

Maybe you've dreamed of flying First Class or visiting an exotic island. Whatever your travel style, there's a trip of a lifetime waiting for you somewhere.

What if you could take that trip at the drop of a hat—and perhaps a couple of calls to an airline award center?

This isn't a fantasy.
You can do it as soon as next month.

Your Life, Your Travel: Right Now

The world of travel hacking is like a game of Monopoly: destinations to be unlocked, hotels to collect, and lots of alternative currency to keep you going around the board.

Like any good game, you'll want to level up as you go along.

Want to take a large adventure on a little budget? No problem.

We'll show you how to earn hundreds of thousands of Frequent Flyer miles and points—on a regular basis—and teach you how to actually use them.

You'll learn where you can find the adventure of your dreams at the best possible value.

The south of France isn't just for supermodels anymore—you can get there on Air France booked through Delta SkyMiles, and stay at Le Meridien on Starwood points.

People just like you—solo travelers, couples, and even families—have embraced the art of travel hacking to see the world. The democratization of "almost free" travel has arrived... and now it's your turn!

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"I earned 800,000 miles and took my wife to Hawaii... and then I took my mom to the Bahamas for $6 plus tax."

-Austin Yoder

Introducing Upgrade Unlocked, your one-stop program to help you have experiences that would otherwise be too expensive.

We'll help you see the world! Over the past year we've been creating a comprehensive resource that will bring you from your bedroom to Bora Bora—all without paying the $1,500/night rack rate on an oceanfront villa.

In the 120-page, action-packed field manual, you'll learn everything you need to get started right away. You'll learn how to:

Earn FREE elite status from your choice of hotel chain—and how to get that status "matched" into other programs as well
Redeem your hard-earned points and miles for the best possible flights, hotels, and experiences (and what to do when the airline says no seats are available)
Master the secret codes you can use when booking hotels that immediately drop the price
Understand what it really takes to keep airline status every year (and a few tricks to make it much easier)
Gain access to the finest international airline lounges (and the not-so-finest domestic ones) without paying pricey annual membership fees
What's in the Box

Your field manual is joined by the Priority Access Toolbox, a suite of additional resources to help you discover and achieve your travel goals.

Depending on which version of Upgrade Unlocked you choose, you'll receive several (or all!) of these resources:

Travel Hacking Basics: A Miles & Points Primer
101 Ways to Upgrade Your Bucket List
Round-the-World Planning with Chris Guillebeau
Fancy Flying with Families: A Video Feature
Credit Card Tracking Spreadsheet
Travel Hacker Packing List
8 Ways to Get Airline Lounge Access

Your Guides in the Journey

Stephanie D. Zito

Upgrade Unlocked is written by Stephanie Zito, a humanitarian and communications consultant who has visited more than 115 countries. Over the past twenty years she's been around the world many times as a backpacker, an expat, and premium traveler.

Chris Guillebeau

The guide is published by Unconventional Guides, founded by bestselling author Chris Guillebeau. Chris has been to every country in the world, a ten year journey he completed in 2013.

Stephanie and Chris have both experienced a range of low-budget travel styles, from hostels to African bush taxis to camping on airport floors. But they've also put their aspirational traveler skills to good use too, flying First Class on the world's best airlines (Etihad, Lufthansa, and Cathay Pacific—just to name a few) and staying in top hotels all over the world.

You'll be joined in the journey by a dozen other people who have all experienced the luxury travel life for less.

These people include:

Mike, the retired executive who traveled to Spain in Business Class after spending years flying around the U.S. in the back of the plane
Hao, the college graduate who treats mileage-earning like a full-time job and earns more than one million miles and points every year
Jes & Josh, the young couple who undertook a year-long honeymoon all paid for with points and miles
Marvin and Josephine, who regularly use their miles to fly in style for extended stints in Southeast Asia

These stories are interesting, but they're not terribly unusual. Remember, travel is a game, and the game is rigged. You can choose your own adventure and go anywhere.

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Finally, Travel is Accessible

The greatest thing about travel hacking is the ability to have experiences that would otherwise be out of reach.

Every day we hear stories of people who've been able to fly First Class, stay in great hotels, or have the adventure of their dreams... all without breaking the bank. We'd love the next story to come from you—and we know this guide can get you there!


Your Travel Hacking Success Is 100% Guaranteed

We'll take care of you and you'll love it. If you don't, let us know and we'll make it right or give you back your money—your choice.

But you will love it, and if you take the time to apply the lessons, it will work for you.

Frequent Flyer FAQ

Do I have to get a bunch of credit cards?

Travel hacking through credit card signup bonuses (often 50,000 miles or points for a single signup) is a great way to build big balances without much effort. We encourage all our readers to be responsible and build strong credit for the future. However, if you’re not able to get cards at this time—or if you just don’t want to—that’s okay too. There’s more than one way to upgrade your traveling life.

What if I don't live in North America?

We have happy travelers all over the world. A few opportunities, including some credit card signup deals, may only be available to readers in the U.S. and Canada. But many more aspects of travel hacking are fully applicable worldwide.

Does "hacking" mean taking advantage of people?

Nope. It means putting the mileage and points systems to good use. These systems are profit centers for airlines and banks. You aren’t doing anything unethical by learning to benefit them.

How does the guarantee work?

Pick up the guide (any version) and spend some time going over the materials. If it really doesn’t serve your needs after 30 days, let us know and we’ll make it right.

I'm ready to do this! What's next?

Great! We’re ready too. All files are digital, so you'll receive them right after your purchase—it's much faster than airport security.